In the middle of this great unknown, we have become  The Liminalists. 

who are the Liminalists?

A wandering family. 

Ray: Egyptian Lebanese, born and raised in the UAE but denied citizenship in the only home country he’s ever known. A filmmaker, musician, and artist.

Lisa: American who’s been living outside America for the past seven years. Or even longer if you add up all the time spent wandering in and out for the past decade or so. An observer, writer, and thinker.

Kai: A mix of his parents with traits all his own. A singer, trixter, and comedian. 

Three years ago, while living and working in the UAE, we suddenly ran out of grace. Home no longer felt like home and the pictures we had projected onto our future no longer fit. America was calling. But packing up and leaving wasn’t so simple. Ray had just taken on a well-paying job and there was of course the immigration process. Oh, and K was born. We spent more than two years in a mess of immigration paperwork, baby laundry, and uncertainty about how leaving the UAE, the life we’d built, the money we were making, would affect our lives. 

One day, while highly stressed from work, driving our dream car down the manicured streets of Abu Dhabi, we had an idea:

what if we made a choice to live with our priorities in order?

Faith, family, health, creativity, and Love above all. What if job and money came last, not just in theory but in practice? What would happen to us? Would this even be possible? Could it be sustainable?

In order to do this, there would have to be a lot of letting go. Shedding of identity, expectation, social norms. There would have to be a lot of humbling. 

So that’s what we’re doing. The job was quit, the furniture sold, plane tickets bought. The former has been cast off and what will be is unknown. 

Now, finally, here we are, fresh off the boat and unemployed. Ray and K just got their social security numbers. We are living with Lisa’s parents and have just bought a used car. 

In the middle of this great unknown, we have become The Liminalists. 

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