What is Liminality?

An anthropological term. Liminality is the in-between, often in rituals or rites of passage, the place of disorientation where an individual sheds their former status or identity but has not yet become what they will be. Richard Rohr describes it perfectly:

The word “liminal” comes from the Latin word limens, meaning literally, "threshold." A liminal space, the place of transition, waiting, and not knowing is a unique spiritual position where human beings hate to be but where transformation is most possible. It is when you have left the tried and true, but have not yet been able to replace it with anything else. It is when you are finally out of the way. It is when you are between your old comfort zone and any possible new answer. If you are not trained in how to hold anxiety, how to live with ambiguity, how to entrust and wait, you will run…anything to flee this terrible cloud of unknowing.

The space in between the old and the new, what is and what will be, is called Liminal Space. "The Liminalists" are those living in this space, whether it's in a big capacity, such as a move, the smallest artistic risk, or character development.  

Liminal Space is the ambiguous and uncomfortable stage where a person is in free fall from the familiar, hoping to land in a fuller potential of themselves. A perfect example is when Bilbo the Hobbit leaves his comfortable familiar place in the Shire in order to go through the dark forest and fight a monster, thereby discovering that he has become a hero—something that would not have happened if he had not taken the risk.

We are all heroes waiting to be discovered.

The purpose of this site is to help you have the tools and inspiration to discover yourself as you venture into the dark forest, whether it's a big move, picking up a paint brush, or doing whatever it is you love. It is a documentation of our own journey through the unknown, and an invitation to you to join us.